What We Do

Election Management Solutions is an experienced team of GOP political consultants and strategists dedicated to winning and providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Whether you are looking for a one-stop shop to manage all aspects of your campaign or looking to add value to your existing team, we do it all.

Voter Targeting

A campaign is only as successful as its data. Campaigns have limited resources and time, which makes targeting the right voters imperative to building and executing a winning campaign plan.

At Election Management Solutions we utilize a wide array of targeting resources to get you across the finish line, including email, phones, voter modeling software, direct mail, digital, walk lists etc.

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Your message, how you deliver it, and ensuring it gets in front of the right audience is the absolute nucleus of your campaign – getting this wrong can be the difference between winning and losing.

Our team has had phenomenal success guiding clients at all levels through the television process – creating a plan and managing it from message development to placement.

We can help tell your story.

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Issue Advocacy

Have a big policy issue or initiative that needs a global plan and large team to accomplish?

We have experience leading these types of large projects.  We will work with you design a comprehensive strategy, build a team with the right assets to win, and help you manage them effectively.

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Direct Mail and Print

Direct mail and print remains a necessity for campaigns, even in today’s political climate. But because every campaign does it, your product must stand out from the rest of the pack in order to resonate with voters.

Our team at Election Management Solutions has decades of experience designing effective direct mail and print pieces that push the needle and get your message across. From targeting to design creative and mailing, we’ve got you covered.

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Vote-By-mail Programs

Vote by Mail Ballots, or Absentee Ballots, are continuing to grow in popularity as voters preferred voting method. That being said, many elections are decided long before election day.

Our team has pioneered a Vote-by-Mail chase program that systematically identifies supporters and ensures the maximum number of them return their ballot.

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Research and Polling

Research and polling is pivotal in helping craft your campaign message and for making strategic decisions throughout your campaign – without it, you’re shooting in the dark.

We manage research and polling projects that ask the right questions and provide data that is RELIABLE and ACCURATE.

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Ground Game

An effective ground game is critical to your campaign’s success and if done correctly, it could be the difference in a hotly contested race – it’s not attractive or glamorous but there is a reason campaigns still do it.

We’ll help you engage and rally your supporters and persuade a targeted group of voters while maximizing results and resources.

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Digital Services

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram or email, we have the team to manage it all.  Any modern campaign or policy issue must have a digital presence.  In the right hands, it’s a powerful tool to help you accomplish your goal or win your campaign.  That’s why we started Supernova Digital Communications.  We want to provide our clients with all the tools they need to reach their digital goals.

To learn more please click here to visit our site at www.supernovadigital.com

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With over three decades of combined experience in designing and implementing phone programs for political campaigns, target state victory programs, independent expenditure programs, absentee ballot programs, persuasion programs, Teleforum, IVR Polls and GOTV programs, Election Management Solutions knows phones.

We connect your campaign’s winning message with the voters you need to reach using the latest techniques to maximize the number of calls hitting the target universe – then deliver results to you in real time.

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